Search using the omnibox

If you are having trouble finding the correct results in the omnibox, this article is for you.

The "omnibox" search was a feature added in v2 to make it easier to switch to your next task. The intended workflow is:

  1. Enter the shortcut to give focus to the omnibox (by default, Ctrl+Alt+1)
  2. Start typing keywords to match your target issue
  3. Hit enter as soon as the top result matches your target
  4. Switch back to your previous task

Unfortunately, sometimes the search results don't appear to be very useful. This usually happens if you have many issues/tasks with similar structure. For example, consider the screenshot below:

You can see here that I have many issues that match the search for "Issue zzz". However, the issue I am looking for is the issue with "6" in it which isn't even visible! Quite often, it is too hard to remember the number we should use and we shouldn't have to.

Fortunately, if you know any other keyword associated with the task you're looking for, you can include that in your search which could narrow things down for you. In the example below, instead of using "zzz" as a keyword, I used "aaa" which filtered my list down to exactly what I was looking for:

So the next time you can't find the issue you're searching for, see if you can add extra keywords to the search.